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Summer Camp Packing List

Posted by Lindsay Foster on June 23, 2014 at 5:10 PM Comments comments (1)


❏ Class A “Field” Uniform – including neckerchief and slide

❏ 10 Essentials (Page 264 or HERE)

❏ Swim trunks & towel

❏ Cot or Foam pad/Ground cloth

❏ Sleeping bag or bedroll

❏ Pillow

❏ Spending money including money for Merit Badge classes (if required)

❏ Class B (Troop t-shirt or Scout event t-shirt) shirts

❏ Shorts

❏ Long pants (required for some activities)

❏ Socks

❏ Underwear

❏ Rain coat/poncho

❏ Baseball cap or hat

❏ Water shoes (NOT flip flops or shower shoes)

❏ Day pack (school back pack)

❏ 2 Water bottles

❏ Flashlight with extra batteries

❏ Non-aerosol sunscreen

❏ Non-aerosol bug spray

❏ Personal toiletries and deodorant (non-aerosol and no “body spray”;)

❏ Footlocker with lock (copy of key OR combination to be turned in to SM or ASM)


• PRESCRIPTION DRUGS - Must be in the ORIGINAL prescription container with instructions and labeled with Scout’s name. Send ONLY enough for the week – not the entire month’s supply please.

• NON-PRESCRIPTION DRUGS - Must be in the ORIGIAL container with instructions and labeled with Scout’s name.


• There will be no cell phones or electronics (iPods, MP3/MP4 players, handheld gaming devices, etc.) unless the Merit Badge calls for it.

• If a phone call needs to be made, Troop Leadership (SM, ASM) or another adult will contact parents regarding any emergencies.

MANDATORY Parent Meeting

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We will have a mandatory parent meeting on Monday, July 1, 2013, at 7:30 pm in the Scout Hut.

At this meeting we will hand out packing/gear lists, the trip itinerary, physical forms, the mandatory State of Colorado form that must be filled out with the physical form, etc. We will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Julie Geho - Committee Secretary

Marcey Martin - Committee Chairman

Summer Camp Packing (HELP) List

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At our parents meeting next Monday night, Julie will be handing out the gear lists for this Summer Camp trip. I thought I'd send a couple of pictures out for clarification and give you a little more time to find a couple of the big items. For this year's trip they will need a footlocker AND a backpack. I've attached pictures of each of these items. The footlocker can be purchased at Academy (that's where I got the picture) and it's $35. They sell a similar version at Walmart in the Automotive Department for less money, but it's not always easy to find. The primary requirements are that it's big enough to store your Scout's stuff, it's weather resistant, it can be closed and it can be locked. No wheels! Some of us have an extra lying around from previous years and will loan them out. I have one that Jonna isn't using this Summer that I will loan out to a responsible Scout. Since it will most likely be going to A&M with her in the Fall, we do need it returned in good shape.


As for the backpack, we always have some confusion over what that really is. The one they carry to school is called a "day pack" in Scouts. That's not big enough for a backpack for this trip. They need a pack with a frame that is big enough to carry camping gear and equipment. These can be reasonably priced or very expensive. Again, we have several that we can loan out from the Troop if your Scout will need one. We need to know ASAP so we can fit them with one.


We'll cover everything else at our meeting Monday night. Parents, if you have anything you can loan to another Scout, please let me know so we can help everyone who needs it. Remember, this meeting is mandatory if your Scout is going with us to Colorado this Summer! If you have your medical forms filled out, please bring them with you that night. We will gladly answer any questions. I will have all of the Scout accounts updated. If you have a question about your Scout account before that night, give me a call.

Marcey Martin

Spring Break Campout Information

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Spring Break Campout

Leave- Friday, March 15th

We will meet at the Church at 6:30 pm

Due to the State Park getting rid of the campsites we normally use.... we are having to camp in the Primitive Area.

This means a couple things. We will not have easy access to the trailer (stove).

We will have adults with boats, that hopfully will agree to load everyone and their gear and take them to the campsites. The campsites do have lake access so this can be a fun new experience.

We can take the protable stove and camp stoves with us so no one will go hungry.

Scouts DO NEED to pack lightly just like they would if backpacking.

As new info comes available, I will let you all know.


August Campout - SCUBA

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Our August "campout" will be our SCUBA trip. International SCUBA in Carrollton will gladly teach our Scouts an Introduction to SCUBA class on August 18th at 5:00 PM. The cost for this class is $25. This will only be a day trip so we will apply the $8 from your Scouts dues to this fee. Please send in the additional $17 with your Scout with his next month's dues. If you need a campership, please email, call or text me or Teresa Gonzales. There are always funds to cover these expenses. In the past we have eaten dinner at CiCi's. If we do this next month, the troop will cover that cost. We will probably be leaving around 3 from the church.


If you have any questions about your Scout account, please talk to Teresa. She has all of the accounts updated.

Marcey Martin, Committee Chair

Troop 147 Important News (CoH and Family Sailing Campout)

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Reposted from an email sent 08/03/11...

Troop 147 Important News 

You & your family are invited to our:

August Court of Honor

Monday, August 15, 2007, at 6 p.m.

We will eat at 6 p.m. and our Court of Honor will begin at 7 p.m.This is a very important Court of Honor for the boys. They had a great time at Summer Camp and Philmont and did a lot of work. At this Court of Honor, the boys will be getting their rank advancement, merit badges they earned & other awards. We will have an awesome slide show from the trip. Please plan to be there with your Scout. It will mean the world to him to be able to share this great experience with you.This year the COH dinner is being completely catered by the spectacular Cowboy Catering. The price for dinner is $7 per person. Don’t forget to bring a dessert for the Dessert Raffle.  

You are invited to our:

August Family Sailing Campout (RSVP by Monday, August 15)

August 19-21

The boys leave Friday evening. Families are invited to come out on Saturday, the 20th, so the boys can show off their sailing skills and spend some time with their families on the water. It will be a great time for all. 

Julie Geho

BSA Troop 147

Committee Secretary



MANDATORY Philmont Trek Pre-Departure Mtg

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This is a re-post of information sent via e-mail and FB today.

We have a mandatory Philmont parent meeting this Sunday (July 10, 2011) afternoon at 4:00 in the Scout Hut.

All Philmont boys and adults are required at this meeting. All boys must have at least one parent at this meeting. We will be discussing our itinerary, packing, expectations, and information on Philmont Scout Ranch. This will be our last meeting before we leave for our trek.

Please call, text or email and let me know you got this message and will be there on Sunday. I will call/text all of you later today if I do not hear from you before then.




[email protected]

Worth Ranch Monday UPDATE

Posted by Lindsay Foster on June 20, 2011 at 11:09 PM Comments comments (0)

This is a re-post of an email that was sent this evening...

Happy Monday everyone. I just wanted to give you all a quick update. I know the weather tonight is a little dicey. BUT, I have been watching the live radar on Our weather here at home will be far worse than the boys will have at camp. Marcey spoke to Charlie a little while ago. They have a much needed breeze that is cooling them off but have not had rain.


Worth Ranch is in the TOWN of Palo Pinto. There was a tornado warning for Palo Pinto COUNTY earlier this evening. Please know that our boys safety is always our first concern.


The town of Palo Pinto and Worth Ranch are in the southern part of the county. The storms were in the northern part of the county. Our boys were NOT in harm way this evening.

The Boy Scout Ranches have very good emergency plans in place for just about any emergency you could think up. There are buildings at the camp that they will send everyone to if there were a need.


If there is any problem or emergency, the leaders of our troop will start contacting parents immediately. In the 15 years I have been scouting, this has never had to take place.

Please do NOT call Charlie. He and the others that are with the boys have very bad signals and are busy concentrating on the boys. If you have any questions, please feel free to call myself or Marcey Martin at 817-235-6514.



Julie Geho
BSA Troop 147Committee Secretary

Philmont Expedition Equipment List

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To help prepare for your adventure, Philmont recommends the following personal and crew equipment. Any updates to these lists will be in the pocket sized Guidebook to Adventure that your crew will receive in the March 2011 Advisor Kit.


  • Pack with padded hip belt (rental available) Capacity: External fram 4000 cu in + /-; Internal frame 4800 cu in + /-
  • *Pack cover - waterproof nylon
  • *6 to 12 (gallon size) Ziploc plastic bags to pack clothes


  • Sleeping bag in stuff sack lined with plastic bag
  • Sleep clothes - worn only in sleeping bag (t-shirt and gym shortS)
  • Straps to hold sleeping bag on pack
  • Foam sleeping pad (closed cell or Therma-Rest)


Layer A (Hiking Clothes)

  • Hiking boots - well broken in
  • Lightweight sneakers or tennis shoes
  • *3 pairs heavy socks
  • *3 pairs lighter inner socks (polypro)
  • 3 changes underwear
  • *2 hiking shorts
  • *2 short sleeve shirts (not nylon)
  • *1 hart or cap - flexible, with brim

Layer B (Cool Evening)

  • *1 long sleeve shirt (wool or synthetic)
  • *1 long pants, cotton or nylon (not heavy jeans)
  • *1 pair insulated underwear (polypro)

Layer C (Cold)

  • *1 sweater or jacket (wool or polar fleece)
  • *1 stocking cap (wool or polypro)
  • *1 glove liners or mittens (wool or polypro)

Layer D (Cold, Wet, Windy)

  • *1 sturdy rain suit (A)


  • *Deep bowl (small, plastic)
  • *Cup (measuring style)
  • *Spoon
  • *3 or 4 one quart water bottles (BB, A)


  • *Small pocketknife (A)
  • *Matches & lighter in waterproof container (BB, A)
  • *Flashlight (small with extra batteries and bulb)
  • *Philmont map (A)
  • *Compass - liquid filled (A)
  • *2 bandannas or handkerchiefs (BB)
  • Money ($10 - $20 in small bills)
  • *Lip balm (BB, A) with SPF of 25 / Chapstick
  • *Soap, biodegradable (BB, S)
  • *Toothbrush, toothpaste (BB, S)
  • *Small camp towel
  • *Tampons / sanitary napkins (BB)
  • *Sunglasses (inexpensive)
  • *Ditty bag (for personal items in bear bag)


  • *Camera and film or memory cards (BB)
  • *Whistle
  • Watch (inexpensive)
  • *Fishing equipment / licenses
  • *Postcards, pre-stamped
  • Rubber bands (large for packing
  • *Foot powder (BB, S)
  • *Note pad and pen
  • *Daypack for side hikes (S)





*Available at Philmont's Tooth of Time Traders

(BB) - Packed together in plastic bag to be placed in bear bag at night

(S) - Share with buddy

(A) - Easily accessible in park or carried on person

Summer Camp Packing List

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Packing List

  • Class A uniform
  • 10 Essentials (2010 Edition Scout Handbook p. 264)
  • Short and long sleeved shirts
  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Pajamas
  • Short and long pants
  • Swim trunks and towel
  • Rain coat and/or poncho *
  • Baseball cap or other hat*
  • Sturdy hiking boots AND tennis shoes
  • Water shoes (MUST be close toed)
  • Day pack (small backpack such as one used for school)*
  • Roll of toilet paper (carry in day pack)
  • Sleeping bag or bed roll*
  • Cot
  • Camp chair (If you don't bring one, you won't have one!)
  • Foam pad or ground cloth
  • Pillow
  • Backpacking pack and backpack cover (for those doing Wilderness Trek)
  • Pocketknife and Totin' Chip
  • Camera
  • Mess kit and camp cup*
  • Refillable water bottles*
  • Flashlight and extra batteries*
  • Scout Handbook*
  • OA Sash (if member)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen and chapstick (NO aerosol spray cans allowed)*
  • Personal toiletries (ALL Scouts regardless of age should bring deoderant. NO AXE, colognes, body sprays, or fragrances of any kind due to allergies, health concerns, and insect problems.)
  • Spending money
  • Footlocker
  • First aid kit/Feel good bag



*Essential items that ALL Scouts must have with them


Medications MUST be in the original prescription bottle and MUST include the dosage, time and amount instructions. Please place all medications and dosage instructions in a Ziploc bag with the Scout's name.